Youngs Farm History: Youngs Farm was founded in 1893 as a result of a marriage between the Youngs and the Hegemans (the farm is located on Hegeman’s Lane). Currently the 4th and 5th generation of the Youngs Family operate and manage the business. Formerly a wholesale operation, they now sell nearly everything they produce out of their farm stand on site. Tim Dooley joined the Youngs Farm family after marrying his wife.  This farm brings high quality local produce to Long Island. The Youngs farm stand also offers baked goods, soups, dips, quiches and potpies. Since 1893 the hard work of Youngs family members has grown and transformed the business.  We spoke to Tim to learn about growth and distribution of local produce. Youngs farm always offers the best seasonal fruits and vegetables, something dear to our hearts here at Seasonal Sammy. 

Q. Why do you believe it is important to educate children on nutrition?

 A. Youngs farm gives students/children on Long Island a chance to connect to their food source and understand where it comes from. While it may not be economical for the farm to be placed in this location it strengthens the relationship between the farmer and the consumer. Giving children a sense of appreciation from a logistic as well as taste perspective, allowing young people to eat better in the long run.

Q. Please tell me something exciting happening at Youngs farm?

A. Young’s Farm is in its fourth season now of farming organically! It’s a transition that we are still working through but it is a challenge we are meeting and are excited to continue to develop as time goes on. We are farming in sustainable way and are more conscious about the quality of the soil. This season we are placing our effort on this matter!

Q.  What brought you to Youngs Farm?

A. I married my wife! My mother- in- law is the owner of the farm. My wife and I worked in real estate and finance before coming to Youngs farm. We have always been into eating in a health conscious manner. We had the opportunity to work here having no prior knowledge on farming or baking and have since dived deep into it. We really do appreciate it at a different level now and are very happy to be here to keep Young’s farm going.

Q.What is your favorite seasonal fruit or vegetable? 

A. At this time of year (summer) it’s pretty hard to beat cherry tomatoes, they are pretty unbelievable per bite!  

By Alexandra Filingeri, Seasonal Sammy App