Doctor Sherr has been practicing chiropractic care since 1980. He has a bachelor’s degree in both biology and psychology, as well as his PHD in chiropractic care from New York Chiropractic College. He is a past board member/regional director of the Whole Health Institute and the New York Chiropractic Council. He is a member of the International Chiropractic Association and the New York Chiropractic College Alumni Association. Dr. Sherr’s book, Heart of the Healer, won the Benjamin Franklin award for best new publication in 1986. To add to his impressive list of achievements Dr. Sherr has been recently nominated in “The Long Island Business News’ Health Care Hero Awards program in the Complementary/Alternative Medicine category”
In 1995 Doctor Sherr turned is passion for holistic care into an established practice, Northport Wellness Center. This holistic approach encourages patients to take responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Northport Wellness center has 30 on cite practitioners in the fields of pediatrics, optometry, nutrition, psychotherapy, physical therapy, and much more. Northport Wellness center takes a mind body approach and connects to children across long island. We chose to interview doctor Sherr to discuss the successful approach he takes when working with children.

Q. In simple terms, how can we use food as medicine?

A. What you consume will affect your health on the inside—stomach, heart, brain, etc.—and on the outside—hair, skin, nails, body weight, and so on. Making healthy choices—raw vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, proteins, for example—and avoiding unhealthy food. What goes in determines what comes out!

Q. The best tool/method you use when working with children?

A. Children are very intuitive. My approach is gentle, calming and non-aggressive. I always maintain eye-level, and eye-contact where possible and ask permission to precede with any treatment. When children feel respected and safe, they are more receptive and responsive to treatment altogether.

Q. As a holistic chiropractor, do you receive a lot of questions about nutrition?

A. Yes! Poor nutrition can manifest as inflammation, joint and muscular pain, and other health challenges. My patients come to realize that in order to reach their health goals, they must make nutrition a priority; we become partners in their health care. In over three decades of practice, I have also collaborated with nutritionists, medical doctors, holistic health care providers be best present the most appropriate and individualized care for each of my patients so that they can achieve optimal health.

Q. Best advice for parents regarding the health of their child?

A. Set a good example; your child will follow your lead. Commit and follow through. Praise your child for making healthy choices for their body, mind and soul. Nurture their health both physically and emotionally. Give them your time, as well as your heart.

Q. Any new projects, anything exciting?

A. 2020 will be the 25th anniversary for the Northport Wellness Center! We will continue to celebrate health and wellness by honoring our mission, which is “to direct people to the realization that life and healing come from within and that, ultimately, the promotion and maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.”

By Alexandra Filingeri, Seasonal Sammy App